The system includes:

  • ClearStone Twin Flash

  • Med-Pho Software
  • Walter Clearstone Module
  • Desktop Structure
  • Distance tool

What advantages does the ClearStone Twin Flash offer us?

- It offers an essential cross-light for determining certain aspects of the skin
- It gives the photograph greater relief
- Polarised light eliminates annoying reflections.

The importance of Standardisation:

Definition: A type of photography that allows for comparisons with other similar lesions or separate areas at the same time.

When are Standardised photos necessary?

- To follow the development of a lesion.
- To follow-up on medical results
- To follow-up on surgery results.

These are the fundamental reasons for standardisation, but there are many more..
- Cleastone Twin Flash polarised lighting.
- Walter intelligent photograph imaging system
- Necessary accessories for standardisation (Distancing tool)
- A viewer for comparing standardised photos at the same time
-Powerful, compatible with Access and a SQL server.
-Safe and maintains the patients´ privacy

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